PixARK Version 1.13 - Patch Notes

Posted on May 10th, 2018 11:22 AM EST
PixARK version 1.13 has been released on Steam.

All PixARK servers running version 1.13 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_13/


  • Structures may no longer be placed within 8 tiles of a Ruins block. Previously placed blocks will not be affected. 
  • Players will no longer be able to carry items when traveling to the Creature Museum through the portal. 
  • Changed behavior of auto turret defenses and plant defense on Fury servers during peace time. 
  • Ice Elementals and Mummys are not longer pushed back by magic effects. 
  • Increased voltage from generators from 400 to 600 allowing for 1 generator to power 6 turrets now. 
  • Increased damage of rocket launcher using enchanted ammo towards steel structures by 100%. 
  • Increased amount of gunpowder from crafting by 3 fold. 
  • Increase amount of Simple Bullet, Advanced Rifle Bullet, and Advanced Sniper Bullet from crafting by 2 fold. Amount of Simple Shotgun Ammo from crafting has been increased by 3 fold. 
  • Enchanted bullets require simple bullets and magic crstals to craft. Enchanted rockets require rockets and magical crystals to craft. Enchanted shotgun ammo require simple shotgun ammo and magic crystals to craft. 
  • Optimized oil slime box's production rate and inventory capacity. 
  • Currently: 1 Slime box will output 1 oil every 8 minutes, 2 boxes will output 1 oil every 4 minutes, 3 boxes will output 1 oil every 2 minutes, 4 boxes will output 1 oil every 1 minute. Maximum inventory space of slimes have been increased by 40 units. 
  • Optimized Goblin Trading Center's material costs. 
  • -Originally 40 bones for 1 iron ingot, adjusted to 64 fibers and 16 furs.
  • -Originally 40 bones for 1 sharp crystal, adjusted to 16 bones. 
  • -Originally 40 bones for 1 Quartz, adjusted to 12 bones. 
  • -Originally 40 bones for 1 sulfur, adjusted to 5 bones. 
  • Optimized Electrolytic Tank's material costs, inventory limit, and conversion time. 
  • -Originally 50 stones and 50 clay, adjusted to 40 clay converts to 1 bronze ingot. 
  • -Originally 50 stone and 50 clay, adjusted to 40 stone for 1 iron ingot.
  • -Originally 50 stones and 50 clay, adjusted to 40 magic dirt for 1 silver ingot.
  • -Originally 50 stones and 50 clay, adjusted to 40 flash rock for 1 gold ingot. Inventory capacity has been increased by 40 units. Converstion time has been decreased from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. 
  • Goblin Trade Center no longer offers 3 wood exchange for 1 bronze ingot. Adjusted to require 24 wood for 1 bronze ingot. 

  • Fixed natural death or console suicide death being able to see through terrain on respawn. 
  • Fixed players taking too much fall damage. 
  • Fixed issue with Creature Museum portal causing players to be stuck in the mesh after transfer. 
  • Fixed Tribe Management journal not being able to log tribe member kills by players not affilaited with any tribe
  • Fixed an issue with crafting Digital Controller
  • Fixed an issue with Elemental Magic Shield from beacon drops not being able to be used
  • Fixed an issue with Icicle Dragon not being able to be tamed with Magic Sleepy Arrow
  • Fixed an issue with water not being able to irrigate plants in the crop plots
  • Fixed Trapa's poison effect 
  • Fixed the localization for Electrolytic Tank's description
  • Fixed the localization for Alchemy Stove's description
  • Fixed the texture for Magic Block when held in hand
  • Fixed the models for Nepenthes's second stage and final stage
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