Halloween Patch Ends November 15th

Posted on November 5th, 2019 02:05 PM EST

Explorers! Who says Halloween ends on October 31st?!

Some of you have been asking when the Halloween Patch ends. Like all good things, our festivities end on November 15th, at 1 AM PT. We'll post the official patch notes the day before, but here's what to expect.

Halloween Patch Content that is staying:
  • Ancient Wyvern King
  • Ancient Wyvern King drops (including armor and the permanent Magic Broom)
  • Ancient Wyvern King Challenge Portal
  • Energy Cubes
  • Halloween Decor drops from Supply Beams (drop rate will be lowered)
  • Halloween Candy Grenade drops from Supply Beams (drop rate will be lowered)
  • Pumpkin Train
  • Bone Track
  • Any Halloween drops you received before November 15th

...and here's what won't be available after the patch:
  • Pumpkin Reaper along with their increased EXP gain.
  • Wild Creature's Jack O'Lanterns (any drops you received will stay)
  • Super Spooky Main Menu
  • The Supply Beam design will return to normal
  • The following items will no longer drop: Temporary Magic Broom, Clown Costume Blueprints, Pumpkin Seeds, Dino Pumpkin Hat.
  • Double Harvest

If you don't know what event we're talking about, you can see read up on our latest patch here

We hope you enjoy the rest of the festivities and we look forward to your feedback and creative content!
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