PixARK Update 8/30 - Patch Notes

Posted on August 30th, 2018 12:11 AM EST
8/30/18 - 2 AM Pacific Time

Greetings Adventurers! Here we go with some more updates for the PixARK Dev kit as well as a quick fix for procedural generated maps.

  • Fix an issue where the procedurally generated map isn't being displayed correctly hence possibly causing characters to get stuck in terrain.

  • "Modders will be able to upload their mod map customized in terrain to Steam Workshop now. Once your customized map is grabbed from Steam Workshop, players can enjoy PixARK with the edited map to their liking.

    It only takes 3 simple steps:

    How to Create
    1. Open PixARK Dev Kit and access in-game terrain editor through ConsoleCommand: OpenGMEditerUI. Then you can start your terrain editing. Alternatively, you can place terrain cubes at your desired location for more flexibility.
    2. Once the terrain is created, save it using SaveWorld, and exit the Dev Kit. The terrain data file, terrain.db, will be located at either ShooterGameSavedCubeSingles or ShooterGameSavedServers. We strongly recommend you backup a copy.

    How to Upload
    1. Before cooking, access the CubeWorldsSetting blueprint that you used and look for FixedTerrainDBName. Fill it with a string that is not defined as null. (We suggest keeping the value null while you are working on your terrain)
    2. Start the cooking, and once it is completed, designate terrain.db to the path you upload the mod
    The path will be ModToolsOutput(Name of your mod)WindowsNoEditor
    3. Use the Dev Kit uploader to upload your mod to Steam Workshop

    How to Use
    1. For single player game, and LAN game, subscribe to the mod maps in Steam Workshop, and they will be available when you start a new map in game.
    2. For dedicated servers, the below info needs to be added to your server config setting ini file:

    PixARKServer.exe (name of your mod map)? GameModIds=(mod ID in Steam Workshop)?………… -log -TotalConversionMod=mod ID in Steam Worlshop -severId=……

    Take a desert map named Desert, with a Mod ID 456289, for example, the line to be added is:

    PixARKServer.exe Desert? GameModIds=456289?………… -log -TotalConversionMod=456289 -severId=……

    Alright, time to create your own world and share with others!"
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