New Content Preview!

Posted on September 14th, 2018 01:28 AM EST
Greetings, Explorers!

We have been working on lots of things. Both new contents and old-feature-adjustment.We believe they can cause great influences on the PixARK gameplay experience. We know that some of them may be your high concerns. So let’s have a preview of the adjustment first.

Player Armor Adjustment.
Player’s armor got GREAT enhanced.

Player’s Damage to untamed animals.
Player’s melee weapon damage got GREAT enhanced when facing wild creatures.

PVE player received damage adjustment.
In the PVE server, the player will receive less damage.

Tamed and untamed creature balance.
The tamed creature will have more chance when facing the wild creature.

And tons of user-friendly adjustment like:

You will see both the damage number which you made to the dino and their damage to you.
You will see the exact HP of the dino.
You will find all your Tamed creature and locate them on the map in a user interface.

We were keeping notice on the player’s feedback but fail to respond to them in time due to the development. Sorry for the waiting and we would take all your suggestions into consideration as the development going.

We believe It’s necessary for all the lovers and the naysayers of the game to know that WE HAVE NEVER ABANDONED PIXARK.
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