PixARK Update 9/27 - Patch Notes

Posted on September 27th, 2018 12:24 AM EST
9/27/18 - 2 AM Pacific Time

Hello Explorers!

We're improving the way you interface with your tames! Now you can track all of your favorite tames and find them anywhere on the map!

Added Tame Management UI screen

  • Tame Management UI is going to be where you can manage all the tamed creatures and special items such as Wooden Raft owned by you and your tribe. (PixBlocked dinos are excluded in the Tame Management UI)

  • All tames will be listed, and you can easily “sort-by” to look into them.

  • Tame Management screen also presents a map pinpointing the locations of all tames as small icons on it.

  • Select a tame's tag to view its name, species, gender, level, current location, and even get knowledge of whether or not it is under attack.

  • Press “Track” to start tracking a single tame.

  • When a tame is tracked, its creature icon will appear in the navigational bar so that you can easily locate your tames.

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