New Features Detail #1 - Equipment

Posted on October 11th, 2018 06:50 AM EST
Greetings Explorers!

The update we talked about will come within this month!

In order to keep you up with the new features, here comes some of the detail about the changes we made.

The first episode would be the armor balance.

We notice that it's hard for some players to survive the battle with wild creatures but there's also a low-cost problem when raiding other's bases.
Considering the degree of difficulty and balance, we decide:

1 The armor of equipment would be greatly enhanced but they will have durability at the same time.

2 When durability comes to zero, they will stay equipped state but will become invisible and provide neither protection nor extra ability for the player.

3 Equipped items will not drop when players get defeated.

4 Add new item: Pliers. It can fix most of the equipment. Drag it onto a equipment and you can repair them by your hands anywhere.

The next episode would be some changes to the creatures.

Leave comments below and let us know what's your thought about all these changes above.

Thanks for your time!

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