New Features Detail #2 - Creatures

Posted on October 15th, 2018 08:04 AM EST
Greeting explorers!

The Interaction with the creature is an important base behavior both under PVP and PVE condition. So let's take a look at the changes of creatures in the upcoming update.

1. We changed the setting of player melee damage to the wild animal. The player can make more damage to them.

2. We changed the way of creatures' healthy point recovery. The creature will recover HP base on the exact number but not the percentage of max HP. It means that the high-HP monster would not recovery so fast and it will help the player with the condition of a protracted battle.

3. The healthy point and torpidity point of the creature are both shown now. Also, the number of damage that you make and receive are both shown on the screen too. So you can know how much you hit and get hit and estimate how long does it need to take down the beast.

4. Because of the wild range of creatures' level, the high-level individual could be much more powerful than a low-level one. Some player failed to sense the danger of high-level creature before they got too close with them. Now the different particles are added based on the dino's level. So you can choose your opponent carefully at a safe distance before accidentally step on the toe of hard ones.

5. We notice that there's also complain about that player need to tame the next power-stage dino to get into the next power-stage, there is too big a gap between biomes. After the update, the high-level dino in the current biome would be competitive with the creatures in next level biome. That means it will be smoother when you try to get to the next area after you conquer this one.

6. Because of the power balancing adjustment above, the base tame rate and growth tame rate have been reconsidered to match up with the power level. It means that under the same species, it will be easier to tame a low-level dino and harder to tame the high-level one.

There are both adjustments of the numerical value and user-friendly content. Just in case you missed it last time, all the adjustment above will be released in this month. So leave comments behind and let us know what's your thought about them.

Happy exploring and see you next time!
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