New Features Detail #3 User-friendly Adjustments

Posted on October 18th, 2018 06:51 AM EST
Greetings explorers!

Many players have encountered different problems in the PixARK world. And a great percentage of them were caused by some missing important information. When busy solving the hard problem, we also try to produce more easy-to-use ways for the player to gather the information they need.

1 We made an in-game PixARK encyclopedia contains tons of useful things and it will help with both the starter and old-friends of the game.

2 A core-engram push function will be activated when you get some important level node in game. It will help you find out the relatively necessary and powerful item in the wild range of engrams.

3 A creature handbook is also available in the game too. All the information you need about a creature including the needed equipment and the ability of the creature are all could be found in it. You also can use the scanner to get the information of recommended armor level of a certain monster. Don't get fooled by the cute appearance of some creature, they could be very dangerous!

4 The biome difficulty and transferable is something we pay high attention to. We add a reminder on the screen and it will show the difficulty of biome in case you run into the center of the death-area for your current state. We also add a one-time transporter in the engram. It can transfer you to other biomes according to your level and save you from hell.

There are also other improvements like equipments and structures data preview and new login animation and so on. They will all be in the update later this month!

So leave comments behind and get ready for the refreshing new experience!
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