PixARK Update 10/25 - Patch Notes

Posted on October 25th, 2018 01:29 AM EST
10/24/18 - 1 AM Pacific Time

Salutations Explorers!

The next PixARK update is scheduled for October 25th. This patch is large and touches quite a few systems, so bug reports and feedback are especially important to us.

Item Changes

  • Currently, players find it difficult to survive fights against wild creatures, unless they are equipped with armor and weapons many levels above what is recommended. To that end, we are increasing the armor values of armors to help with survivability. Updated armor values are indicated in the table below:

    Tier / Helmet / Boot / Glove / Pants / Shirts
    Leather 28 28 28 36 43
    Copper 36 36 36 47 58
    Copper Bone 43 43 43 60 68
    Iron 50 50 50 72 80
    Iron Bone 60 60 60 85 90
    Steel 67 67 67 91 110
    Steel Bone 76 76 76 108 120

  • Added Durability
    • Armor now has a Durability value
    • When durability drops to 0, it will no longer appear on your character model and will no longer provide armor or stats. The item will still be equipped.
    • Can be repaired using the new Repairing Pincers.

  • Increased the drop rate of the Mole Claw.
  • Increased the drop amount of Leather from Coyotes.
  • Added Bone Pieces to the Trike drop table.
  • Increased the Bone Pieces drop amount from Quetzal, Trike, and Carbonemys.
  • Tamed Gem Spiders now produce Gems at a faster rate.
  • Reduced the time it takes to craft Cooked Meat Jerky and Cooked Prime Meat Jerky in Preserving Bin. Cooked Meat Jerky takes up to 2 minutes, and Cooked Prime Meat Jerky takes 10 minutes.
  • Increased the torpidity caused by Magic Sleepy Arrows.
  • Increased the torpidity caused by Sleepy Darts, and requires more materials to craft. Engram is now unlocked at level 57.
  • Extended the time it takes for feed to spoil in the Feeding Trough.
  • Added an on/off switch to the Fabricator, Air Conditioner, Electrolytic Tank, and Digital Controller.
  • Iron/Steel Spring Boots will no longer require Iron/Steel Boots when being repaired.
  • Inscription Book is now activated by default.
  • Lamp Post Engram is now unlocked at level 55. Also reduced Crafting cost.
  • Magic Ballista Bolt crafting requires a Magic Green Stone instead of a Magic Purple Stone.
  • Electric Cable is now crafted in the Fabricator instead of in player inventory.
  • Reduced the crafting experience gained from crafting pre-level 20 leather items.
  • Reduced the fuel cost for the Chainsaw.
  • Reduced the crafting cost for the Carpet.
  • Reduced the required amount of Bone Pieces for all Bone Swords.
  • Removed Magic Crystal from the crafting cost of crafting Cryolite structures.
  • Removed Magic Crystal from the crafting cost of crafting Lava Rock structures.
  • Removed Steel Ingot from the crafting cost of crafting Armored Glass structures.
  • Removed Polymer from the crafting cost of crafting Iron Bone armor sets.

Creature Changes

  • Players now do greater damage to wild creatures using melee weapons.
  • Creature HP regeneration is now a fixed number per second, instead of percent-based. Higher HP creatures will have slower HP regeneration.
  • Creature HP and torpidity will be displayed when players are close to the creatures.
  • The damage you deal and receive from creatures will be displayed on the HUD.
  • Added particle effects to indicate how powerful creatures are (powerfulness is determined by both dino species and dino level, and they are categorized in three ranges): no particle effect indicates the creature is the least powerful; yellow particle effects indicates the creature is powerful; red particle effects indicates the creature is considered the most powerful.
  • High-tier tames from each biome will now be more balanced to allow you to transition to the next difficulty tier biome.
  • Made the following adjustments to where creatures can be found:
    • Slime added to Novice Grassland and Grassland.
    • Gem Spider removed from underground areas in Grassland, replaced by Dilophosaurus.
    • Raptor and Stego removed from the Bamboo Forest, replaced by Oviraptor and Doedicurus.
    • Ankylo and Carno removed from the Desert. Added Doedicurus, Gem Spider, Procoptodon, Argentavis, and Cave Hyena.
    • Griffin and Werewolf removed from the Magic Forest. Added Magic Mole.
    • Argentavis, Elementals, and Megarock Dragon removed from Golden Realm. Added Griffin, Carno, Stego, and Thorny Lizard.
    • Elementals added to the Frozen Land.
    • Megarock Dragon added to surface spawn of Doom Lands.
  • Reduced the damage of the Behemoth’s skills.
  • Boss creatures take less damage from the Auto Turret.
  • Both wild and tame creatures can no longer crit with their melee attacks.
  • Wild Ice Bear now has fewer HP and damage.
  • Wild Fire Elemental’s skill does fewer burning damage.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Elemental Golem, Werewolf, and Griffin.
  • Reduced the stun effect of the Pachy’s headbutt.
  • Reduced the movement speed of wild Werewolves.
  • Reduced the burning damage of the wild Magma Armadillo’s skill.
  • Reduced the explosion damage of the Plague Zombie’s corpse.

New Engrams

  • Added Micro Ark Teleporter, A One-time Portal which can transports you out of a dangerous biome to one befitting your character level.
  • Added Telescope. Use it to see a creatures HP and Torpidity without getting too close.
  • Added Pliers. Repair kit that can fix the durability on armors.
  • Added Magic Tranq Ammo. More effective than the Magic Tranq Arrow at taming high tier magical creatures.

Usability and Accessibility

  • Adding new information within the game to help players get all the info they need to play and make informed decisions.
  • Changed the main menu screen layout.
  • Added a in-game PixARK Wiki.
  • When reaching certain levels, key engrams will be pinpointed to help push players towards engrams that are necessary and powerful, to help you progress.
  • Players now have access to Handbook in Main Menu. Handbook contains everything from creature abilities to recommended equipment for dealing with them. Scan a creature to add it to the dino guidebook!
  • Added a tooltip to indicate the difficulty of your current biome.
  • You can now see structure HP, weapon damage, and gear armor from the Engram menu.
  • Made changes to server type display to make it more straightforward whether the server is currently at peace time or war time.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Adjusted settings for server types based on player feedback:
  • Hunger drop rate reduced by 20% for all servers.
  • In Pioneering servers, HP regeneration rate is doubled.
  • In Pioneering servers, damage players take is halved.
  • Optimized loading times.
  • New loading animations.
  • Adjusted difficulty in single player to be easier by default. This can still be adjusted when creating a single player game.
  • Optimized lag when traveling to a location with many structures nearby.
  • Portals will no longer spawn in the Novice Grassland biome.
  • Single player and Creative modes will now spawn Portals and Beacons.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with certain Marble structures not being crafted properly.
  • Fixed the icon for Refined Marble structures not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wild West Window could not be opened and closed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Phiomia Hut and Petroleum Slime Incubator models where not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where a Pipe could be connected to an Electrical Cable to channel current.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mediterranean Window not correctly placing when snapped to other structure pieces.
  • Fixed an issue with the Display Stand not correctly placing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Preserving Bin not correctly placing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Bookshelf not correctly placing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Feeding Pot not correctly placing.
  • Ceiling Window can now be manually demolished.
  • Fixed the Magic Protection Generator not displaying the correct stats.
  • Fixed the spoil timer not showing correctly when a Torch is dropped.
  • Fixed an issue with player character models not displaying correctly when sitting on a Wooden Bench.
  • Fixed an issue with crafting materials being consumed but no item is being crafted due to the crafting queue being full.
  • Fixed a crash caused by force taming a creature when you are riding a force tamed creature (Admin Commands).
  • Fixed a bug with experience given when killing a Quetzal.
  • Fixed an issue with the vfx for obtaining experience not correctly showing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some audio assets to not correctly play.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fire Spider can be knocked back.
  • Fixed an issue with the Volcanic Rock structure pieces that prevented them from being crafted, due to the crafting materials not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed localization issues for Cryolite Storage Box, Sea Crystal Storage Box, Flashrock Storage Box, Darkwood Storage Box, and Volcanic Rock Storage Box.

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