Update following up

Posted on October 26th, 2018 01:20 AM EST
Hello, explorers!

How is everything with the newly released update?

After the balance and user-friendly adjustments, we will focus on solving the terrain regeneration and abandoned structure recycle issue.
There are few outlines of handle this problem.

1. We will reset the PVE servers. It means they will return to the beginning state.
2. The save file of these servers will be open to download. You can use them in your dedicated servers or local games as you want.
3. There will be an active-player-list in the PVP server. If you or your tribe members don't log in for a long time, you will enter an inactive state. The structures of the inactive tribes can be demolished by anyone and recycle the resources.
4. Another useful tool will be added which enable you to save your stylish architectures and share with other players by Steam Workshop.

We are busy carrying out these functions and they should get released in the future updates.

Before that, we will open some new servers tomorrow.

10/26/18 - 7 PM Pacific Time

There are both PVP and PVE servers, happy exploring and give us your comments and feedback! Thanks!
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