PixARK Evolving --- Subspecies

Posted on November 1st, 2018 02:22 AM EST
Hello explorers!

As the world of PiXARK keeps changing and evolving, some creatures begin to acclimate new biome and environment.

We call them the Subspecies.

The subspecies can be different from their original species in many ways: the skill, the abilities, and of course, their shape and color. You need extra observation and patience to tame them.

Because of the wide-span living region, the Pteranodon start this progress ahead of others.

The Grassland subspecies of Pteranodon can deal an extra spin attack with more stamina consumption. It will be a great fun and challenge to make them your pets!

These changes will be continuously updated. So leave comments behind and let us know your opinion.

Thanks for your constant attention!
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