New subspecies and more !

Posted on November 7th, 2018 05:00 AM EST
Attention Explorers!

Two more subspecies are coming to the PixARK world right now!

Doedicurus - MountainForest subspecies

This subspecies of Doedicurus could only be found in the MountainForest. They can be easily recognized by the specific color and shape of the tail.
In order to adapt to the complex terrain condition, they changed their slow and destructive rolling into a more controllable and faster way.

Argentavis - Desert subspecies

Argentavis also find their own way to survive the harsh environment of the desert. Because of the lack of food, the desert subspecies of Argentavis can carry their preys with both their claw and the more powerful beak.
They also have a different appearance with ordinary ones with special color and crests.

And here is a picture of some other species in changing. Can you recognize them? What amazing evolution will finally happen to them? Keep track of our updates and you will find it out soon!

Wait a minute, there is a more exciting news!

As so many players are plagued by the abandoned structures in their server which they can do nothing about, we will take care of it next week. There will be a dynamic list recording all the active players. When someone becomes "Inactive" which means he or his tribe haven't logged in the server for 15 days, all his structures could be demolished by anyone. And there will be a buffering time before the system starts working for you to login to become active.

Also, we will open new servers later to give you a fresh start as the resources and terrain re-generate solution is undergoing.

Please keep attention with our updates and thanks again for all your time and love for our game!
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