Don't Explore Alone Community Event!

Posted on April 5th, 2018 05:25 PM EST
Hello Explorers!

PixARK released into Early Access last week with a bang, and we’d like to thank everyone for the massive support that we’ve gotten since then. Now that all of our Explorers have been able to get out into the ARK, we feel it’s time for our very first PixARK Community Event! We’ll be having these events regularly, and each event will have different requirements for participation.

For this event, we’re looking for Explorers to show us the most daring adventure they’ve had, with their closest portable friend! Submit a screenshot or GIF of your Explorer in either a dangerous or scenic location with a shoulder tame that is either keeping your company or providing moral support. All submissions should be sent to: 

[email protected]

Please include your *full* server name, the region and the number if you’re on an official server, as well as a link to your Steam profile along with your submission.

Submissions Timeline
  • This community event will start today, Thursday, 4/5, and go until Friday, 4/13.
  • Three winners will be chosen by the PixARK Community Team, and one winner will be chosen by the community!
  • A community vote will be held on Steam Monday, 4/16.
  • All four winners will be announced on Tuesday, 4/17 on Steam.
  • Each winner will be provided an additional PixARK Steam Game Key!
We’re really excited to see all of the amazing locations, and daring situations that each Explorer has found themselves in recently. Any additional questions or concerns about the event can be sent to the same submissions email posted above! Good luck Explorers!

-PixARK Community Team
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