PixARK Update 11/16 - Patch Notes

Posted on November 16th, 2018 02:52 AM EST
11/16/18 - 1 AM Pacific

PixARK 1.30

Greetings Explorers!

The next PixARK update is scheduled to go live at 1:00 am PST on November 16.

New subspecies:

Trike (Mountain Forest subspecies)
Found only in the Mountain Forest biome, the Trike subspecies can easily be recognized by its distinctive color and head. To get better suited for the complicated terrain this biome presents, the Trike subspecies has developed a powerful defense stance, using its head to fend off incoming attacks and counter attacks when the time is right.

Paracer (Swamp subspecies)
Confronted with the hostile and unsympathetic Swamp biome, Paracers are constantly being hunted by predators, which forced them to develop an ability to increase movement speed during a short period of time at the cost of draining all of its stamina. To further strengthen the ability to evade predators, Paracer subspecies grows stronger thighs but a less weighted body.

Fire Element (Doom Lands subspecies)
Doom Lands is the only place where you can find Fire Element subspecies, who has evolving into lava element after years of residence nearby lava. Better suited to the unbearable heat lava emits, Fire Element subspecies has developed the ability to slowly produce lava from within, leaving a a lava trail on the its walking path.

Treant (Magic Forest subspecies)
Over the course of Interaction with other dinos and creatures, some Treants grow stronger arms, and evolve into a more intelligent creature, who is more inclined to use its ranged attack.
It is also noted that tamed Treant subspecies are more restrained; they are able to stay where they are as whistled, instead of indiscriminately charging its way forward like their normal counterpart does.

Ichthyosaurus (Deep Ocean subspecies)
The vast ocean provides the best playground for Ichthyosaurus subspecies to develop a special skill; a spinning charge. To better use its unique skill, Ichthyosaurus subspecies develops a more streamlined shape with stronger fins.

Optimized the engram screen to allow players to sort by item type.

Bug Fixing
-Fixed an issue where Wyvern didn’t have the correct torpidity required for successfully taming it.
Fixed an issue where Element Golem doesn’t include the correct feed for taming in the Dino Bestiary.

Server Reset
We will reset some servers according to the condition of them.
The first batch will be at 11.21 and the servers list are:
The structure demolish system will come online later.

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