PixARK Update 12/13 - Patch Notes

Posted on December 13th, 2018 02:49 AM EST
PixARK 1.36

Greetings Explorers!

The next PixARK update is scheduled to go live at 1:00 am PST on December 13.

New Engrams
Blocks are now craftable in the Construction House. Engrams for Grass Cube, Magic Grass, Flash Grass, andDark Grass are added in the Construction House.

● Increased Styptic and Healing Potion effects. Styptic will now restore 100 hp over 10 seconds, while Healing Potion will restore 300 hp over 10 seconds.
● Bread will now restore 20 Food and 50 hp over 4 seconds.
● Concentrated Fruit Juice will provide better cold resistance.
● Sour Fruit Juice will provide better heat resistance.
● Fur clothing sets will provide better defense and cold resistance.
● Ice Ruins and Ocean Ruins will drop quality Fur Clothing
● Miasma weather effect is now stronger.
● Cooked Meat Jerky and Cooked Prime Meat Jerky can now be used feed Raptor in the Raptor Power Generator.
● Reduced Boss Soul Reaper’s attack damage.

BUG Fixing
● Fix an issue where tames are not correctly responding to whistles.
● Fix an issue with the voltage in Raptor Power Generator.
● Fix an issue where structure decay timers are showing the time in delay.
● Fix an issue where Steel Axe, Steel Pickaxe, Iron Rod, Iron Spear and Iron Sword are doing incorrect damage to Crop Plot
● Fix an issue where Ancient Mantis equipped with Steel Sickle and Metal Sickle to harvest plants is not getting the correct output.

Christmas Time
We will be updating our Christmas-themed build in the next patch.
We will be bringing more new creatures and Christmas events for everyone.

(Here is a sneak peek!)

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