December 20 Christmas Patch

Posted on December 19th, 2018 10:43 PM EST
PixARK 1.37

Greeting Explorers!

Welcome to a Christmas PixARK world! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Login

New Creatures

Traditional festive legend has it that Santa Claus's Reindeer pull a sleigh through the night sky to help him deliver gifts. In PixARK, Reindeer are herbivores widely populated in the Frozen Land. Male or female, they grow large antlers to charge at dangerous predators to protect themselves. Reindeer are strong in body and developed in limps, allowing it to run extremely fast. Their large hooves allow them to sprint easily on the surface of snow. It has come to explorers’ attention that Reindeer is born to be attracted to snow, as they are more lively during snowy day. They can sprint for a long time relentlessly, making them the best ride for people to travel during winter time.

Kairuku Penguin
The Kairuku Penguin is an ancestor of the modern penguin, with a slim body and long fins suited for swimming in the water. Wild Kairuku tend to consume food rich in grease and minerals which can not be easily digested and is likely to be excreted. Their excrement is found to be similar to Polymer. Tamed Kairuku are unlikely to be fed with food rich in mineral, hence they rarely produce special excrement. However, their body generates heat like a fire stove, providing cold resistanceto explorers.

Tapejara grows a large and distinctive head crest, the symbol of power to show off when they are courting. Known as the aerial acrobat, Tapejara is one of the most adept flyers, as its crest is a highly developed sensory organ allowing the animal to finely maintain balance while its large wings provide it with sharp maneuverability in the air. Tapejara wings are strong enough to hold two explorers atop without sacrificing its aerial adeptability. Its sharp, climbing-suitable claws also allow it to hang on the edge of cliff.

New Subspecies

Shadow Leopard subspecies (Magic Forest)

Residing in the Magic Forest where danger lurks everywhere, Shadow Leopard activates its inner magic power while hunting prey, mastering the ability to utilize shadow power to turn itself invisible. Hence it can sneak its way up to the prey, and take it down more easily. Shadow Leopard mounts can hide (RMB) both themselves and the riders, making them the best ride to initiate ambush at the target.

Gem Spider subspecies (Magic Forest)

Sparkling gems are Gem Spider’s favorite of all time, and it is no surprise that some Gem Spider mutate after taking up a lot of illuminating gems. Tamed Gem Spider subspecies can have their inner lighting elements activated (hold E to activate) to emit light through the gem on its back.

Centaur subspecies (Magic Forest)

Among the centaur species, some spent their lifetime living in the Magic Forest which is surrounded with magical elements, evolving their perceptibility to magic. These centaur forgo the spear, and instead use a staff to summon air magic, and the powerful tornado (RMB) to range-attack the enemy.

Quetzal subspecies (Frozen Land)

Quetzal has long lived high above in the air and rarely lands. Some of them are intelligent enough to learn the ability to fly along with the airflow, which allows them to sprint forward for some distance quickly so that they can get out of danger swiftly. (Press C). Compared to its normal counterpart, Quetzal subspecies is better in movement speed and attack despite its inferiority in other stats.

Dire Wolf subspecies (Frozen Land)

Dire wolf has a very sharp sense of smell, yet they are born to have a bad temper, making it hard for the explorers to communicate with them. Their sense of smell was never put into good use until a special Dire Wolf subspecies was tamed. Unlike its cranky counterpart, Dire Wolf subspecies is intimate to its master and smart enough to under what its master tell it to do. Its sense of smell is can be used to discover injured dinos from long distance, and dropped backpacks as well. (Press C)

New Engram

●New Christmas decoration pieces - Christmas Fireplace, Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree Decor, Christmas Box, Christmas Light

●Christmas Costume Set

Christmas Event

●Christmas Supply Beacon
Changing Supply Beacon to a Santa riding sleigh, and adding Christmas gift to “Beacon” drop/loot

Reward: Engram/blueprints for Christmas decor, Christmas Candy (used to restore Food and small amount of HP); Christmas Fireworks

●Christmas Snowy Season
All biomes will be snowy!!
There will be much more snow area on the map but you won’t feel cold there.

●Christmas Red Hat
Some dinos (listed below) will be wearing Christmas Red Hat/Hood. Killing them could drop Red Hat/Hood or its engrams for you to craft.
List of creatures wearing Red Hats: Trike, Argentavis, Gigantopithecus, Morellatops, Centaur, Coyote, Dilophosaurus, Dire Wolf, Dodo, Ichthyosaurus, Gargoyle, Gem Spider, Ice Bear, Elemental Spirit, Icicle Dragon, Ancient Mantis, Megalodon, Pachy, Gryphon, Panda, Parasaur, Phiomia, Procoptodon, Pteranodon, Quetzal, Raptor, Rex, Megarock Dragon, Bronto, Terror Bird, Baby Treant, Ankylo, Turkey, Carbonemys, Ghost Dragon
Reward: Christmas Red Hat (for dino); Christmas Fur, the crafting material for Christmas Costume

●Snowman Kill
Snowman will spawn in Novice Grassland and Grassland. Players need to craft snow ball to damage the Snowman. Snowman kill gives you rewards

Reward: Christmas Candy; Christmas Tree decors; Snowman model

●Double harvest plus more kill exp from Penguin
a. Double harvest rate (plants and ore, excluding placeable blocks)
b. More kill exp from Penguin

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Happy exploring everyone!
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