PixARK Version 1.7 - Patch Notes

Posted on April 6th, 2018 07:54 AM EST
PixARK version 1.7 has been released on Steam.

All PixARK servers running version 1.7 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_7/


  • Added German language setting. Needs community improvement. 
  • Made stronger scroll summoned Zombies, Skeletons and Plague effects. 
  • Adjusted Player vs Player melee effectiveness. 
  • Added respawn option in ESC menu. 
  • Can now see creature level via creature scanner. 
  • Spring Chitin Shoes reduce fall damage now. 
  • Smoke from the Smelter has been reduced in height it rises. 
  • Resolved issue with rocket launcher's damage value not being correct. 
  • Resolved issue with wild mushroom's damage value not being correct. 
  • Resolved issue with items not decaying properly in workstations. 
  • Resolved issue with item loss when dying on a mount. 
  • Resolved issue with industrial smelter placement. 
  • Resolved issue with Steam Achievements
  • Resolved issue with Soil Privilege Marker upper limits calculation.
  • Resolved issue with Spring Chitin Shoes unable to be created on the fabricator. 
  • Resolved issue with characters being stuck in terrain sometimes. 
  • Resolved issue with the Copper Kettle unable to be used water tap. 
  • Resolved shining wand effect issue.
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