PixARK 1.38 Patch

Posted on January 4th, 2019 12:54 AM EST

The first patch in 2019 will arrive later now!

New Engram

Added engram for Resetting Potion, used to reset character stats points and Engram points which gives you a fresh start in the new year.

Added engram for Christmas Firework


Reduced the fueling cost for Preserving Bin and Refrigerator. Fuels allow them to run for a long time.
Adjusted the preceding imprints for Magic Tranq Dart, Sleepy Dart, Sniper Bullet, Simple Ammo, so that these Engrams can be unlocked all at once
Increased the durability and defense for Gas Mask
Increased the durability for Lava armor set

Bug Fixing

Fixed an issue where Tapejara is bugged in the dino Handbook
Fixed an issue where Industrial Cauldron can only produce Steel Ingot
Fixed an issue where picking up a Fine Marble block doesn’t return you the correct item
Fixed an issue where Load Potion is not working correctly

Removing Holiday Content

Reindeer Sleigh will be reverted to Supply Beacon
Snowman will no longer spawn in Novice Grassland and Grassland
The percentage of encountering snow has been brought back to normal
Wild dinos will no longer be wearing the Christmas Red Hat and Red Hat is removed from drop table
Removed Christmas Candy
Christmas clothing and decors can still be obtained in Supply Beacon and chests
Disabled double kill exp from Penguin
Disabled double harvest rate

Rewards adjustment

Engram for Christmas Clothing: added to Supply Beacon and chests drop table.
Engram for Christmas decor: added to Supply Beacon and chests drop table.
Christmas Fireworks: craftable in Engram.

Thanks for all your support last year, happy new year !
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