PixARK Update 1.40 Jan.22

Posted on January 21st, 2019 01:44 AM EST
Greetings, Explorers!

Welcome to a Chinese New Year PixARK world! Happy Chinese New Year!
Chinese New Year Login
The login screen has been updated to celebrate the Chinese New Year! What kind of new things will you be able to spot in the login screen?

New Creatures

An ancient cousin of the modern pig, this swine has a prominent, horrifying mouth and sharp tusks. Different from wild boars which feeds on anything, Daeodon is definitely a carnivore. Wild Daeodon is quite an indomitable creature for adventurers to land a lethal blow, because of its extraordinary ability to rapidly heal itself. What is particularly extraordinary about a tamed Daeodon is its capability to share this healing benefit with nearby allies (RMB), making Daeodon an invaluable support in combat.
Dev will upload Image

Nian Beast
According to Chinese mythology, Nian Beast appears only on New Year’s Eve. People are frightened by its horrid appearance and its ferocious demeanor. Fortunately, legend has it that one child happened to discover a very strange weakness Nian Beast has, its sensitivity to loud noises and light. During the night when Nian Beast comes out of hiding to feed, people light up fireworks and throw firecrackers, hoping to intimidate Nian and chase them away. During Chinese New Year, Nian Beast will spawn in Novice Grassland and Grassland. They are afraid of nothing but the Firecrackers. If explorers are fortunate enough to take Nian Beast down, it is possible that Nian Beast will become your tame. Tamed Nian Beast has diverse skills, frightening surrounding creatures (RMB), and temporarily casting a damage increase buff on allies (C).

Flame Demon
A demon originating from the Earth’s core, with hardened lava rocks shaping its exterior and sizzling lava flowing inside. The Flame Demon burns everything into ashes wherever it travels, posing a prominent threat to all beings. Luckily, Flame Demon usually appears only in ancient ruins and altars, and doesn’t usually set foot in other territories. It has the ability to summon a volcanic tornado, lava ball, fire beam, and a volcano against its targets, causing tremendous damage to other creatures in both close combat or ranged combat. It is advisable to explorers who want to take on a Flame Demon that they should keeping moving around to avoid being hit. Also, a reliable flyer would greatly improve your survival chance against the Flame Demon. Flame Demon will spawn in the Ruin altar located in Doom Lands, replacing Death Lord to be the guardian before Death Lord returns later.

New Subspecies

Raptor (Swamp subspecies)
The Raptor is an incredibly smart creature, inhabiting the dense swamp forest. Some of them gradually picked up the ability to hunt down prey without taking too much stamina loss, as ambush is their usual tactic against smaller creatures and explorers. They will jump out of the bush, pounce at the prey and hold its prey to the ground (RMB), immobilizing them and the explorers riding them. Good thing is that Raptor subspecies aren’t well-known for strengthful stamina, so they aren’t able to hold down their prey for a long time.

T-Rex (Golden Realm subspecies)
Although the almighty T-Rex stands on top of the food chain, it is not armed with the speed and stamina to tackle fast runners. T-Rex subspecies, however, evolves its ability to growl (RMB) and intimidate its prey, which will then be forced to running around aimlessly and uncontrollably. Tamed T-Rex subspecies will be an astounding force in combat.

New Engram Items:

●Chinese New Year/Chinese Style decors
○New engrams added to Decoration Hut: Spring Festival Bed, Spring Festival Storage Box, Spring Festival Writing Table, Spring Festival Dining Table, Spring Festival Chair, Spring Festival Bookshelf, Spring Festival Light, Spring Festival Ceiling Lamp, Spring Festival Lamp, Chinese Knot, Spring Festival Stone Lion, Spring Festival Screen, Spring Festival Fireworks, and Spring Festival Rockery.

○New engram added to Forge: Spring Festival Vase
○New engram added to Spring Festival Writing Table: Chinese Painting
○The above engrams needs to be unlocked via blueprints, which can be obtained from Nian Beast Boss kills, Chinese New Year Supply Beacon/Lucky Bag, and Flame Demon kills.

●Architecture Master engrams - Chinese New Year/Chinese Style Courtyard structure pieces (craftable in Construction Hut)

○These engrams need to be unlocked via blueprints, which can be obtained from Nian Beast Boss kills, Chinese New Year Supply Beacon/Lucky Bag, and Flame Demon kills.

●Chinese New Year Costumes Skins - added to Tailor's Workbench

These engrams need to be unlocked via blueprints, which can be obtained from Nian Beast Boss kills.

●Additional Imprints in Engram
○Spring Festival Firecracker - imprint available at level 10, and to be unlocked by Engram points)
○Kongming Lantern - imprint available at level 10, and to be unlocked via blueprint)

○Dino Dye (Red), Dino Dye (Yellow) - added to Dye Workbench and unlocked automatically

New System - Dino Painting
In celebration of Chinese New Year, we are implementing a new system, dino painting, and we are adding the first two dyes, Dino Dye (Red) and Dino Dye (Yellow) into the palette. You can use the newly added Paint Brush and Dino Dye to turn your tames into colorful spectrum of collection.

Chinese New Year Event
●Chinese New Year Supply Beacon
○Supply Beacon will change its shape to a Chinese Lucky Bag, containing our Chinese New Year gift for explorers.
○Rewards: blueprints for Spring Festival decors; blueprints for Kongming Lantern; Spring Festival dishes (restores Food and HP), and Spring Festival Fireworks.

●Chinese God of Wealth Hat
○Some creatures will be wearing Chinese God of Wealth Hat, and players could be rewarded with Chinese God of Wealth Hat (Dino) from killing these creatures.
○Rewards: Chinese God of Wealth Hat (Dino)
○Wild creatures wearing Chinese God of Wealth Hat includes, but not limited to the below:

●Nian Beast Kill
○Nian Beast will spawn in Novice Grassland and Grassland, and they could only be killed by the Firecrackers players crafted.
○Kill rewards: Spring Festival dishes; Spring Festival decors, and blueprints for Spring Festival decors; blueprints for Spring Festival costume.

●Double Harvest Rate and more kill exp from Daeodon
○Harvest rate will be doubled, and Daeodon kills gran t more exp.


○Characters will now take more damage from Magic Ammo(dev will confirm??).
○Boss creatures are now immune to damage from Auto Turret and Chomper

○Fixed an issue where Mindswipe Tunic was not resetting points correctly. Mindswipe Tunic will be re-enabled in this patch.

○Add the Bow gesture to the list.

○Will add some new servers when update alive.

Thanks for your time, Happy Chinese New Year again!

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