01/15 Lunar New Year Update

Posted on January 14th, 2020 02:25 PM EST
Happy Lunar New Year, Explorers!
Lunar New Year Festivities enter the PixARK world! Our Lunar New Year patch is scheduled to go live at 12:00 am PDT on January 15th. Official Servers will be offline for a few hours.

New Creatures
  • Cobaltstar Hunter (mutated) - added Cobaltstar Hunter mutant to the Radiation Mutation Platform
  • Cobalt Energy Master (mutated) - added Cobalt Energy Master mutant to the Radiation Mutation Platform
  • Cobaltstar Mouse - LMB to launch melee attack, and RMB to launch the laser. mountable on land, in the air and under the water. Cobaltstar Mouse requires a Cobaltstar Mouse Control Module to ride.

Boss - Flame Demon
  • Spawn rate is 50% at the Death Lord Altar in PixARK map, and 50% at the Burial Ground Altar in Skyward map.
  • Flame Demon drop: 5% drop rate to obtain Gargoyle Skin.

New Engrams and Items
Cobaltstar Mouse Control Module Engram - craftable at your character inventory

Year of the Rat Costume- Year of the Rat Shirt, Year of the Rat Hat, Year of the Rat Pants, Year of the Rat Boots, Year of the Rat Gloves.
  • Dropped by Nian Beast spawns in Noviceland, Grassland, Dawn Island and Woodland.

Lunar New Year Event
Lunar New Year Supply Beacon
  • Supply Beacon will change its shape to a Chinese Lucky Bag, containing our Lunar New Year gift for explorers.
  • Rewards: Spring Festival dishes (restores Food and HP), and Spring Festival Fireworks.
Lunar New Year Reunion Party
  • Place Lunar New Year dishes (drop from the Lunar New Year Lucky Bag) to enjoy the Lunar New Year buff and our best wishes.

God of Wealth Hat
  • Some creatures will be wearing Chinese God of Wealth Hat, and players could be rewarded with Chinese God of Wealth Hat (Dino) from killing these creatures.
  • Rewards: Chinese God of Wealth Hat (Dino)
Nian Beast Kill
  • Nian Beast will spawn in Novice Grassland, Grassland, Dawn Island and Woodland.They can only be killed by the Firecrackers players crafted.
  • Nian Beast drop: Lunar New Year dishes; Spring Festival decors, and blueprints for Spring Festival decors; Year of the Rat costume.

Double Harvest Rate
Double Harvest rate will be active for the duration of the Lunar New Year event! :)

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