Valentine's Day Community Event

Posted on February 14th, 2019 02:00 PM EST

Happy Valentines Day Explorers!

Lets celebrate the season of love by doing something creative in PixARK! We want you to build a heart (or hearts!) in game, using any materials you want. Maybe build a stone monument, or perhaps use some dinos and perspective! Either way, sign your screenshot with a message of love and send it to [email protected].

On 2/22 we will run a vote to see which submissions win over the most hearts, and the top 3 most voted for will receive a PixARK key to give to someone special!

Here are some more rules:

Must be a PixARK screenshot
Has to have a heart!
A heartfelt message or phrase
Submission Period: 2/14 11AM PST - 2/21 11AM PST
Voting Period: 2/21 11AM PST 2/22 5PM PST
Winners announcement: 2/22 6PM PST

As always, we look forward to everyone’s creativity!
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