Steam PixARK Patch 1.91

Posted on March 19th, 2020 01:19 PM EST
Steam PixARK 1.91 Patch

Hello Explorers.

We hope you’re all safe and wish you & your friends and family well. If you want to talk to our community team more directly, please join our Discord[], though we’ll continue to reach out to you here on Steam.

Below are some fixes for lingering issues. If you have more bugs to report, please do so here[]. You can expect official servers to come down tonight at 12 am PT for a few hours (or less).

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug where Gargoyle skins do not function correctly.
- Fixed a bug where Nepenthes’s missile trajectory could disappear under certain circumstances.
- Fixed a bug where Soul Reaper’s certain skills do not have their damage increased after putting more points in damage.
- Fixed a bug where certain structures cannot be picked up upon placing down.
- Fixed a sound bug involving pipes.
- Fixed a bug where the sound produced by Daeodon does not diminish as the distance increases.
- Fixed a bug involving sound settings.
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