Children’s Day Update

Posted on May 27th, 2020 07:50 PM EST
Greetings Explorers!

Children’s Day is approaching, and we are thrilled to present to you our Children’s Day patch! New creatures, new items, and new content await! We truly hope you enjoy all the festivities!

New Creatures
Cobalt Phiomia
Spawns in Dawn Island

Cobalt Parasaur
Spawns in Dawn Island

Cobalt Pteranodon
Spawns in Woodland

Cobalt Mushroom
Spawns in Glittering Ridge

Cobalt Magical Mole
Spawns in Twilight Woods

Cobalt Ice Elemental
Spawns in Crystal Island

New items
Skeleton Carno/Trike/Griffin/Ghost Wyvern
Four new creature skins have been added!

You may obtain these skins by using Skeleton Essence (dropped from defeated Skeleton
monsters) in the Tailor’s Workbench.

Skeleton Ghost Wyvern skin:80 Skeleton Essences
Skeleton Griffin skin:80 Skeleton Essences
Skeleton Carno skin:60 Skeleton Essences
Skeleton Trike skin:60 Skeleton Essences

Skeleton Rex skin and Skeleton Megarock Dragon skin are also back for 100 Skeleton Essences each!

Children’s Day Goblin Trading Center
- Can be obtained by defeating Goblins or Goblin Kings.
- Can also be obtained through Holiday supply drops.
- Used to exchange for Children’s Day event items.

Children’s Day Costumes

- Hat: Can be obtained by hitting balloons.
- Top, Leg, Boot, Gloves:Can be exchanged through Children’s Day Goblin Trading Center for 200 game coins each.

Children’s Day Pickaxe/Sickle/Axe
- Has the same harvest rate as an Iron tool.
- Can be crafted using resources and dyes in Tailor’s Workbench.

- Can be obtained through Children’s Day Goblin Trading Center for 2000 game coins.
- A maximum of 4 players can ride together at a time.
- Needs electricity to function.

Paintball gun
- Equip dyes to create graffiti art on floors/structures (not including creatures).
- Can be obtained through the Children’s Daily Goblin trading center for 500 game coins.
- Graffiti lasts 30 minutes.

Candy Bomb
Throw different types of candy towards players to transform them into different characters.
- Can be obtained through Children’s Day Goblin Trading Center with 50 game coins.
- Transformation lasts 10 minutes.

Candy Arrow

- New level 15 recipe
- Used to shoot balloons.
- Crafting materials: Flint, Wood, and Tintoberry

New Creature Costume - Tiny Yellow Hat

Some of the wild creatures found in PixARK are wearing tiny yellow hats. Defeat them for a chance to grab a Tiny Yellow Hat for your own tames and 2-4 Game Coins.

New Creature Dyes: Orange and Cyan color

Balloon shooting
-Balloons will Spawn in Novice Grassland/Grassland/Dawn Island/Woodland.
- Must be shot down by Bows with Candy Arrows.
-Balloon Backpack (20% drop rate, lasts 30 minutes)
-Children’s Day Hat Costume (10% drop rate)
- 4-6 Game coins

Candy Supply Drops
-Supply Drops have a new look with Children’s Day items inside!
- Candy Bomb
- Children’s Day Goblin Trading Center

- Rate Boosts:
- 2x harvesting rate boost on minerals.
- 4x exp and taming boosts.
New Servers



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