PixARK Version 1.8 - Patch Notes

Posted on April 11th, 2018 02:43 PM EST
PixARK version 1.8 has been released on Steam.

All PixARK servers running version 1.8 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_8/


  • Added Non-Dedicated Servers
  • New server type, Chaos Servers. Launch time to be announced!
  • Added French localization. Needs community improvement!
  • Added difficulty ranking to creatures in the world, visible when you highlight a creature. 
  • Increased tame limit from 25 to 35. 
  • Optimized Boss drop tables. Will no longer drop lower quality items. 
  • Fixed Water Magic damage on metal tier and above structures. 
  • Fixed the ability to construct outside world boundies. 
  • Resolved single player save file issue during certain sequences when taming. 
  • Fixed enchanted rocket launcher's damage. 
  • Fixed magical bullet's damage to structures. 
  • Fixed Water magic's damage to certain structures pieces. 
  • Fixed creature's chance to strike through material and damage structures inside houses. 
  • Fixed player's ability to place items in a flow of water. 
  • Fixed ability for Bone Steel sword to damage bronze structures. 
  • Fixed irregular damage on pikes in melee. 
  • Fixed whistle sounds. 
  • Fixed various issues with saddles not properly displaying the correct model. 
  • Fixed magic shield's display issue, was not displaying proper information. 
  • Tuned Ice Boss encounter. 
  • Fixed some platform saddle display issues, was not displaying proper information. 
  • Fixed grapple hook's sound effect. 
  • Fixed sound effect of sleepy creatures. 
  • Fixed carbonemy animation when being attacked. 
  • Fixed darkwood table's receipe issue. 
  • Fixed issue with electric prod not losing durability. 
  • Fixed issue with Behemoth draw bridge sometimes not properly functioning. 
  • Fixed issue with Shining Wand not being able to collect blocks. 
  • Fixed issue with display data on scanning between owners of tames.
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