PixARK Patch 1.45

Posted on March 14th, 2019 03:13 AM EST
Greetings, Explorers!

The next PixARK update is scheduled to go live at 2:00 am PDT on March 14.

New Creatures

Hippocampus (Deep Ocean subspecies)
Characterized as a fish to a large extent, Hippocampus mostly live beneath the water. Oddly enough, some evolved into a variant inheriting some equine characteristics. The Hippocampus subspecies can both swim in the water and sprint on land. Landed Hippocampus can even shoot out the amazingly destructive water bullet (RMB), easily smashing Sand blocks and Dirt blocks.

New Items

Added Dino Dye (blue) and Dino Dye (purple)


Chest is guaranteed to drop from Goblin King kill.
Increased the drop rate of Goblin Trading Center by 25%.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the Auto Turret remained actively firing shots even after environmental cubes were buried.
Fixed an issue where electrical appliances can be powered with other electricity from other tribes.
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