PixARK Patch 1.47

Posted on March 28th, 2019 09:30 PM EST
Greetings, Explorers!

The next PixARK update is scheduled to go live at 2:00 am PDT on March 29

This week marks the anniversary since PixARK entered Early Access. We are grateful that our journey thus far has been flooded with players’ love and care. Without your passion for PixARK, we could not reach what we are nowadays. Your suggestion and encouragement drove us and will continue to drive us in creating a better PixARK.

There are bugs to be fixed and things to be polished, we will continue to perfect PixARK until it is a completed game.

We sincerely hope that your adventure in PixARK will continue to be an enjoyable one, and we are grateful that you are with us.

New Items
Added Anniversary Cake Crown (player character), craftable at the Tailor’s Workbench. Anniversary Cake Crown blueprint can be obtained from the Supply Crates.

Added Anniversary Cake Crown (tame), obtainable from killing creatures wearing the Cake Crown.

List of creatures wearing the Cake Crown includes: Thorny Boar, Phiomia, Pachy, Puffer, Raptor, Trike, Beelzebufo, Shadow Leopard, Cave Hyena, Daeodon, Giant Claw Mole, Pteranodon, Fairy Dragon, Fungus Beast, Sarco, Manta, Argentavis, Paraceratherium, Thorny Lizard, Bronto, T-Rex, Procoptodon, Felhunter, Hippocampus, and Ghost Dragon

Changes and Balancing
● Changed the currency used in Goblin Trading Center to Copper Ingot, Silver Ingot, and Gold Ingot.
● Changed the loot table for red supply drop box to contain only quality equipment.

Bug Fixes
● Fixed an issue where Daeodon could not be turned into a PixBlock.
● Fixed an issue with Coyote’s animation.
● Fixed an issue where Flash Rock Door and Dark Wood Door could not be placed correctly.
● Fixed an issue where Creative Mode doesn’t have Fine Stone structures and Fine Marble structures.

Doubled resource(ore) harvest rate throughout the anniversary celebration.

New Servers Coming Up


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