Explorer's Guide: Wizardry 101

Posted on April 14th, 2018 04:56 AM EST
Welcome to Wizardry 101 Explorers! 

You’ve conquered the Swamps and Deserts of PixARK, and now you are ready to step into the Magic Forest. Here is what you need and what you need to know about learning magic. 

Step 1. Be Level 30

The Magic Skill Engrams begin to open up at level 30, allowing you to craft a Magic Workbench, Inscription Book, and Wood Wand. 

Step 2. Find a Magic Forest

The materials you need to become a powerful wizard can only be found in the Magical Forest. Be sure to bring at least stone tools, as attempting to gather the necessary materials with anything less may result in less than ideal results.

Step 3. Farm! Craft!

Gather all things magical. Chop down trees, pick up grass, and mine dirt. Everything gathered in the Magic Forest has magic properties you will need in order to craft magical tools and structures. First, you will want to craft a Magic Workbench. 

You can also craft a Wood Wand straight from your inventory, which will allow you to gather up Magic Stone resources. 

Step 4. Reach level 35

Once you reach level 35, you are ready to become an apprentice wizard. Use your Magic Workbench to craft an Alchemy Stove, which allows you to refine Magic Stones you gather into Magic Stone Essence. 

Craft an Apprentice Wand from the Magic Workbench and infuse it with Essence to cast offensive spells.

And that’s it! Class is dismissed; we hope to see you next semester in Wizardry 201: Rings Of Power and What Not To Do. Keep an eye out for more news and articles!
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