PixARK Version 1.11 - Patch Notes

Posted on April 27th, 2018 02:52 PM EST
PixARK version 1.11 has been released on Steam.

All PixARK servers running version 1.11 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_11/


Added Spanish Language
Added Portuguese Language

Increased effectiveness of every stat point by 25%. All previous stat gains will receive benefits of new effectiveness. 
Increased the drop rate of Shark Skin. 
Added to all structure types, sloped roof. 
Added ceiling light structure. 
Auto turrets will now target cannon rounds and intercept them. 
Improved AI of tamed flyers, they will try their hardest to follow their masters. 
Optimized landing a flyer in certain scenarios. Should be easier to touch ground now on a flyer. 
Optimized issue with players getting stuck when under attack by creatures. 

Fixed issue with bosses having a chance to not drop anything on kill. 
Fixed issue with certain parts of the map getting players stuck or making tames disappear. 
Fixed issue with certain plants disappearing from plots. 
Fixed issue with health point inconsistencies in the Executive type buildings. 
Fixed issue with display issues with power sources being on or off. 
Fixed issue with Fury and Chaos servers, where under particular conditions, players could avoid unable to build within 8 units of another tribe rule. 
Fixed issue with certain storage items being unable to be detected by the workbench. 
Fixed issue where the bookshelf could not be used. 
Fixed issue with BGM disappearing when hosting a non-dedicated server. 
Fixed issue where a pipe coming from a water tank could be connecte also to an oil tank. 
Fixed issue where after taming, creatures are maxed out on their weight stat. 
Fixed issue with irrigation perimiter. Should function properly now. 
Fixed issue with incorrect display on some firearms. 
Fixed issue with transfer all button also transferring all equipped armor. 
Fixed issue with same items not being able to be stacked if they came from storage containers versus inventory of tames. 
Fixed issue with pipes not properly displaying scanner data. 
Fixed issue with stairs in corners not being able to be picked back up after deploying. 
Fixed issue with building on rafts becoming desynced. 
Fixed issue fire stone powder requirements being different in a few places. They should all be the same now. 
Fixed issue with some resources being able to be used in melee combat. 
Fixed issue with revive function's cooldown period status not being properly reflected in the UI. 
Fixed issue in single player creative mode where silver ore and silver could not be properly crafted.
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