PixARK-Servers.io Blog Feed en https://pixark-servers.io/ Thu, 18 Oct 2018 13:51 CEST PixARK-Servers.io is a PixARK servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 New Features Detail #3 User-friendly Adjustments https://pixark-servers.io/blog/30/new-features-detail/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/30/new-features-detail/ Thu, 18 Oct 2018 13:51 CEST
Many players have encountered different problems in the PixARK world. And a great percentage of them were caused by some missing important information. When busy solving the hard problem, we also try to produce more easy-to-use ways for the player to gather the information they need.

1 We made an in-game PixARK encyclopedia contains tons of useful things and it will help with both the starter and old-friends of the game.

2 A core-engram push function will be activated when you get some important level node in game. It will help you find out the relatively necessary and powerful item in the wild range of engrams.

3 A creature handbook is also available in the game too. All the information you need about a creature including the needed equipment and the ability of the creature are all could be found in it. You also can use the scanner to get the information of recommended armor level of a certain monster. Don't get fooled by the cute appearance of some creature, they could be very dangerous!

4 The biome difficulty and transferable is something we pay high attention to. We add a reminder on the screen and it will show the difficulty of biome in case you run into the center of the death-area for your current state. We also add a one-time transporter in the engram. It can transfer you to other biomes according to your level and save you from hell.

There are also other improvements like equipments and structures data preview and new login animation and so on. They will all be in the update later this month!

So leave comments behind and get ready for the refreshing new experience!]]>
New Features Detail #2 - Creatures https://pixark-servers.io/blog/29/new-features-detail/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/29/new-features-detail/ Mon, 15 Oct 2018 15:04 CEST
The Interaction with the creature is an important base behavior both under PVP and PVE condition. So let's take a look at the changes of creatures in the upcoming update.

1. We changed the setting of player melee damage to the wild animal. The player can make more damage to them.

2. We changed the way of creatures' healthy point recovery. The creature will recover HP base on the exact number but not the percentage of max HP. It means that the high-HP monster would not recovery so fast and it will help the player with the condition of a protracted battle.

3. The healthy point and torpidity point of the creature are both shown now. Also, the number of damage that you make and receive are both shown on the screen too. So you can know how much you hit and get hit and estimate how long does it need to take down the beast.

4. Because of the wild range of creatures' level, the high-level individual could be much more powerful than a low-level one. Some player failed to sense the danger of high-level creature before they got too close with them. Now the different particles are added based on the dino's level. So you can choose your opponent carefully at a safe distance before accidentally step on the toe of hard ones.

5. We notice that there's also complain about that player need to tame the next power-stage dino to get into the next power-stage, there is too big a gap between biomes. After the update, the high-level dino in the current biome would be competitive with the creatures in next level biome. That means it will be smoother when you try to get to the next area after you conquer this one.

6. Because of the power balancing adjustment above, the base tame rate and growth tame rate have been reconsidered to match up with the power level. It means that under the same species, it will be easier to tame a low-level dino and harder to tame the high-level one.

There are both adjustments of the numerical value and user-friendly content. Just in case you missed it last time, all the adjustment above will be released in this month. So leave comments behind and let us know what's your thought about them.

Happy exploring and see you next time!]]>
New Features Detail #1 - Equipment https://pixark-servers.io/blog/28/new-features-detail/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/28/new-features-detail/ Thu, 11 Oct 2018 13:50 CEST
The update we talked about will come within this month!

In order to keep you up with the new features, here comes some of the detail about the changes we made.

The first episode would be the armor balance.

We notice that it's hard for some players to survive the battle with wild creatures but there's also a low-cost problem when raiding other's bases.
Considering the degree of difficulty and balance, we decide:

1 The armor of equipment would be greatly enhanced but they will have durability at the same time.

2 When durability comes to zero, they will stay equipped state but will become invisible and provide neither protection nor extra ability for the player.

3 Equipped items will not drop when players get defeated.

4 Add new item: Pliers. It can fix most of the equipment. Drag it onto a equipment and you can repair them by your hands anywhere.

The next episode would be some changes to the creatures.

Leave comments below and let us know what's your thought about all these changes above.

Thanks for your time!

Back to Creature School Winner! https://pixark-servers.io/blog/27/back-to-creature-school-winner/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/27/back-to-creature-school-winner/ Thu, 04 Oct 2018 19:24 CEST

The PixARK team thanks everyone who submitted screenshots and voted in the event. Until next time!
Back to Creature School Community Vote https://pixark-servers.io/blog/26/back-to-creature-school-community-vote/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/26/back-to-creature-school-community-vote/ Tue, 02 Oct 2018 19:53 CEST
Thank you all for your submissions for the Back to Creature School Event. Vote for your favorite submissions and the winner will be announced on 10/4! You can vote for your favorite here[docs.google.com].

Ironzerg plays PixARK with his kids, and has a lovely barn with multiple pens inside. They even have nests on top for their flying creatures! These tames are clearly feeling the love. Check it out:

123 lets his tames roam where they please, and doesn’t mind when a Dodo gets in the way. Or three.

Finally, user Potato has a more utilitarian approach to keeping his tames around. They probably don’t mind.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted!

PixARK Update 9/27 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/24/pixark-update-9-27-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/24/pixark-update-9-27-patch-notes/ Thu, 27 Sep 2018 07:24 CEST 9/27/18 - 2 AM Pacific Time

Hello Explorers!

We're improving the way you interface with your tames! Now you can track all of your favorite tames and find them anywhere on the map!

Added Tame Management UI screen

  • Tame Management UI is going to be where you can manage all the tamed creatures and special items such as Wooden Raft owned by you and your tribe. (PixBlocked dinos are excluded in the Tame Management UI)

  • All tames will be listed, and you can easily “sort-by” to look into them.

  • Tame Management screen also presents a map pinpointing the locations of all tames as small icons on it.

  • Select a tame's tag to view its name, species, gender, level, current location, and even get knowledge of whether or not it is under attack.

  • Press “Track” to start tracking a single tame.

  • When a tame is tracked, its creature icon will appear in the navigational bar so that you can easily locate your tames.

Make sure you sign up for our latest community event and stay current with all news PixARK! Exciting things are coming!
PixARK Update 9/27 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/25/pixark-update-9-27-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/25/pixark-update-9-27-patch-notes/ Thu, 27 Sep 2018 07:24 CEST 9/27/18 - 2 AM Pacific Time

Hello Explorers!

We're improving the way you interface with your tames! Now you can track all of your favorite tames and find them anywhere on the map!

Added Tame Management UI screen

  • Tame Management UI is going to be where you can manage all the tamed creatures and special items such as Wooden Raft owned by you and your tribe. (PixBlocked dinos are excluded in the Tame Management UI)

  • All tames will be listed, and you can easily “sort-by” to look into them.

  • Tame Management screen also presents a map pinpointing the locations of all tames as small icons on it.

  • Select a tame's tag to view its name, species, gender, level, current location, and even get knowledge of whether or not it is under attack.

  • Press “Track” to start tracking a single tame.

  • When a tame is tracked, its creature icon will appear in the navigational bar so that you can easily locate your tames.

Make sure you sign up for our latest community event and stay current with all news PixARK! Exciting things are coming!
Back to Creature School https://pixark-servers.io/blog/23/back-to-creature-school/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/23/back-to-creature-school/ Thu, 20 Sep 2018 20:00 CEST

Hello Explorers!

Celebrate (Or lament!) the return of the school season by showing off your creatures!

We want to see how you will be keeping your creatures safe while you are back at school. Do you keep your creatures tidy in pixblocks, stored away for future use? Or perhaps your creatures run amok, sleeping in your bed and making a mess of things!

Show us your assortment of land, air, and sea creatures and how they spend the day while you’re away!

The three Explorers with the most impressive setups will earn themselves a PixARK Steam Key! We will also hold a community vote on 9/27th for one additional winner.

All submissions should be sent to pixark.community@snailgamesusa.com and include the following:

Full server name
Link to your Steam profile
Screenshot(s) of your creatures

This event will run from 9/20 to 9/26 and winners will be announced on 9/28 after the community vote.

We look forward to seeing your submissions. Good luck Explorers!
New Content Preview! https://pixark-servers.io/blog/22/new-content-preview/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/22/new-content-preview/ Fri, 14 Sep 2018 08:28 CEST
We have been working on lots of things. Both new contents and old-feature-adjustment.We believe they can cause great influences on the PixARK gameplay experience. We know that some of them may be your high concerns. So let’s have a preview of the adjustment first.

Player Armor Adjustment.
Player’s armor got GREAT enhanced.

Player’s Damage to untamed animals.
Player’s melee weapon damage got GREAT enhanced when facing wild creatures.

PVE player received damage adjustment.
In the PVE server, the player will receive less damage.

Tamed and untamed creature balance.
The tamed creature will have more chance when facing the wild creature.

And tons of user-friendly adjustment like:

You will see both the damage number which you made to the dino and their damage to you.
You will see the exact HP of the dino.
You will find all your Tamed creature and locate them on the map in a user interface.

We were keeping notice on the player’s feedback but fail to respond to them in time due to the development. Sorry for the waiting and we would take all your suggestions into consideration as the development going.

We believe It’s necessary for all the lovers and the naysayers of the game to know that WE HAVE NEVER ABANDONED PIXARK.]]>
PixARK Update 9/13 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/21/pixark-update-9-13-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/21/pixark-update-9-13-patch-notes/ Thu, 13 Sep 2018 08:45 CEST 9/13/18 - 2 AM Pacific Time

We've been working on a ton of new content that we can't wait to share with everyone. In the mean time, here is an optimization improvement that we hope will help!

Improve the efficiency of scene loading from that of a 128-meter view distance to one of 256-meter view distance..
Now players will be able to see the view of the scene further away, with better loading efficiency.
PixARK Update 8/30 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/20/pixark-update-8-30-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/20/pixark-update-8-30-patch-notes/ Thu, 30 Aug 2018 07:11 CEST 8/30/18 - 2 AM Pacific Time

Greetings Adventurers! Here we go with some more updates for the PixARK Dev kit as well as a quick fix for procedural generated maps.

  • Fix an issue where the procedurally generated map isn't being displayed correctly hence possibly causing characters to get stuck in terrain.

  • "Modders will be able to upload their mod map customized in terrain to Steam Workshop now. Once your customized map is grabbed from Steam Workshop, players can enjoy PixARK with the edited map to their liking.

    It only takes 3 simple steps:

    How to Create
    1. Open PixARK Dev Kit and access in-game terrain editor through ConsoleCommand: OpenGMEditerUI. Then you can start your terrain editing. Alternatively, you can place terrain cubes at your desired location for more flexibility.
    2. Once the terrain is created, save it using SaveWorld, and exit the Dev Kit. The terrain data file, terrain.db, will be located at either ShooterGameSavedCubeSingles or ShooterGameSavedServers. We strongly recommend you backup a copy.

    How to Upload
    1. Before cooking, access the CubeWorldsSetting blueprint that you used and look for FixedTerrainDBName. Fill it with a string that is not defined as null. (We suggest keeping the value null while you are working on your terrain)
    2. Start the cooking, and once it is completed, designate terrain.db to the path you upload the mod
    The path will be ModToolsOutput(Name of your mod)WindowsNoEditor
    3. Use the Dev Kit uploader to upload your mod to Steam Workshop

    How to Use
    1. For single player game, and LAN game, subscribe to the mod maps in Steam Workshop, and they will be available when you start a new map in game.
    2. For dedicated servers, the below info needs to be added to your server config setting ini file:

    PixARKServer.exe (name of your mod map)? GameModIds=(mod ID in Steam Workshop)?………… -log -TotalConversionMod=mod ID in Steam Worlshop -severId=……

    Take a desert map named Desert, with a Mod ID 456289, for example, the line to be added is:

    PixARKServer.exe Desert? GameModIds=456289?………… -log -TotalConversionMod=456289 -severId=……

    Alright, time to create your own world and share with others!"
PixARK Update 8/2 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/19/pixark-update-8-2-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/19/pixark-update-8-2-patch-notes/ Thu, 02 Aug 2018 11:30 CEST Version 1.23

8/2/18 - 2 AM Pacific Time

Greetings Explorers! Terrain Editing is now added to Creator mode. Press F9 to access the Terrain Editing Screen, which includes the following features:

    Basic Setting
  • Camera movement speed adjustment
  • Camera rotation speed adjustment
    Paint Setting
  • Cube type selection
  • Paint brush shape
    • Circle
    • Square
  • Paint Size
  • Paint speed
    Vertical Plane
  • Elevate
  • Lower
  • Flatten
  • Convex
  • Concave
  • Smoothen
  • Quick smoothen
  • Replace surface cube type
  • Fill
    Arbitrary Plane
  • Elevate
  • Lower
  • Flatten
  • Horizontally smoothen
  • Vertically smoothen
  • Replace surface cube type
    Revert setting
  • Enable revert preview
  • Revertible cube counts
  • Reverted cube counts
  • Revert
    Foliage Painting
  • Enable foliage creation
  • Foliage weight configuration
    • None: non-foilage weight
    • Grass: grass creation weight
    • Shrub: shrub creation weight
    • Tree: tree creation weight

PixARK Update 7/17 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/17/pixark-update-7-17-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/17/pixark-update-7-17-patch-notes/ Tue, 17 Jul 2018 20:03 CEST Version 1.22

7/17/18 - 11 AM Pacific Time

Hey Explorers, we have details on the latest patch for PixARK, which is already live, and it have some pretty exciting news! Along with a few bug fixes, mod support is officially available with the PixARK Mod Kit! For further details check out the full patch notes below.

We have a few details on the dev kit, and how Explorers can start creating their very own mods!
  • The PixARK Mod Kit can now be downloaded from the Epic Games Launcher and mods can be shared using the Steam Workshop.
  • Explorers will also be able to view and download mods created by the community by visiting the PixARK Workshop.
  • By subscribing to mods, notifications will be sent out automatically when an update or news is released about your favorite mods! Explorers can access the Steam Workshop via the in-game button, and then select mods to download and subscribe to.
  • Explorers can also decide which mods they’d like to implement in their hosted dedicated servers and LAN experiences. Other Explorers who join these dedicated server and LAN games will automatically download the mods chosen and have them implemented in their clients.
We’re really exciting to bring the PixARK Mod Kit to our community. We know there are a ton of Explorers out there that have amazing ideas for PixARK, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. We’re planning on releasing more in depth information on how to access and use the PixARK Mod Kit in the near future.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where PixBlocks would randomly glitch into the terrain and disappear when being thrown.
  • Fixed an issue where defeated Explorers would lead to equipment loss when resource durability was set to 0 in single player or dedicated server.
PixARK Update 7/5 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/18/pixark-update-7-5-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/18/pixark-update-7-5-patch-notes/ Thu, 05 Jul 2018 18:02 CEST Version 1.21

7/5/18 - 2 AM Pacific Time

Here is a slew of balances we have been working on. We have some big content updates in the pipeline and we hope to continue to receive feedback to improve PixARK!
  • Players are no longer able to harvest Magic Crystal from Gem Spider corpse. Instead, Magic Crystal is added to Gem Spider's drop table.

  • "Stats adjustment for Hippocampus (4-star creature → 8-star creature)
    Base Health: 1100 → 3818
    Health growth percantage for wild: 1% → 5.4%
    Health growth percantage for tamed: 1.25% → 1.35%
    Base Torpidity: 1000 → 3055
    Torpidity growth percantage: 1% → 5%
    Base Damage: 60 → 132
    Damage growth percantage for wild: 0.86% → 1.7%
    Damage growth percantage for tamed: unchanged
    Base Tame Affinity Requirement: 450 → 360
    Tame Affinity Requirement growth percentage: 0.83% → 4.17%"

  • "Stats adjustment for Manta (6-star creature → 8-star creature)
    Base Health:1700 → 3818
    Health growth percantage for wild: 1% → 5.4%
    Health growth percantage for tamed: 1.25% → 1.35%
    Base Torpidity: 1600 → 3055
    Torpidity growth percantage: 1% → 5%
    Base Damage: 80 → 119
    Damage growth percantage for wild: 0.86% → 1.7%
    Damage growth percantage for tamed: unchanged
    Base Tame Affinity Requirement: 540 → 360
    Tame Affinity Requirement growth percentage: 0.83% → 4.17%"

  • "Stats adjustment for Quetzal (7-star creature → 8-star creature)
    Base Health: 4000 → 5346
    Health growth percantage for wild: 1% → 5.4%
    Health growth percantage for tamed: 1.25% → 1.35%
    Base Torpidity: 3800 → 4277
    Torpidity growth percantage: 1% → 5%
    Base Damage: 115 → 119
    Damage growth percantage for wild: 0.86% → 1.7%
    Damage growth percantage for tamed: unchanged
    Base Tame Affinity Requirement: 630 → 360
    Tame Affinity Requirement growth percentage: 0.83% → 4.17%"
PixARK Version 1.16 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/12/pixark-version-116-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/12/pixark-version-116-patch-notes/ Thu, 24 May 2018 15:06 CEST
All PixARK servers running version 1.16 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_16/


Added Polish localization. 

New Additions

  • Added new creature, Thorny Lizard, to desert creature group; It has the ability to transform rocks into ore. 
  • Added new creature Cave Hyena to Desert creature group; It has the ability to render fracture and bleeding on targets during combat. 
  • Added Thorny Lizard and Cave Hyena model information to Sky Museum.
  • Added 26 additional Steam Achievements for players to unlock.

  • Increase drop rate for high-tier items and decrease drop rate for low-tier items from level 80 beacon drops.
  • Megarock Dragon's resistance to turret damage is reduced from 80% to 50%
  • Increase hp for Iron Spike Wall and Iron Spike, and the damage they cause.
  • Shadow Leopard's melee attack will no longer deal damage to Iron, Copper, Steel, Marble, or ]Magic Academy structures.

  • Player's POV will no longer see through the terrain after characters die
  • Server reset will no longer cause player’s bodies to disappear. 
  • Creatures in the taming process will return to wild state after server reboots. 
  • Optimize the vfx for Trapa's attack
  • Fixed font issue with Traditional Chinese localization and Portugee localization. 
  • Fixed the correct item name for Iron Spike.
  • Fungus Beast Saddle recipe will no longer be included in item drops.
PixARK Version 1.14 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/11/pixark-version-114-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/11/pixark-version-114-patch-notes/ Thu, 17 May 2018 21:05 CEST
All PixARK servers running version 1.14 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_14/


  1. Single Player, Non Dedicated and Dedicated game settings customization has been added. From 1x to 100x!
    • Gathering Rates
    • Resource respawn rates
    • Player Damage Modifier
    • Player Toughness Modifier
    • Player water consumption rate
    • Player food consumption rate
    • Player stamina consumption rate
    • Player health regeneration rate
    • Creature attack damage modifier
    • Creature toughness modifier
    • Taming speed modifier
    • Creature food consumption rate
    • Creature health regeneration rate
    • Building defense type damage modifier
    • Building armor modifier
    • Experience gain modifier
  2. Increased drop of Shark Skin from 1 to 3. 
  3. Decreased magical ceiling's crafting requirements, from 3 magical wood and silver ingots to 1 of each. 
  4. On Fury and Chaos servers, increased the drop rate of high quality loot from Gold Chests, decreased drop rate of primal quality and bronze ingots. 
  5. Elementals golems will no longer eat cooked meat. 
  6. Elemental golems will only mitigate damage by 50% for earth magic, will not longer be immune. 
  7. Elemental golems' resistance to turrets has been decreased from 80% to 50%
  8. Elemental Golems's rock throw has been balanced. Area of Effect damage decreased from 80 to 40. Range of the area has been increased from 3 meters to 5 meters. 
  9. Inreased all defensive plant health points to 5000. Balanced damage from creatures, magic and ranged weapons on defensive plants to be the same as versus their wild versions.

  1. Fixed issue when creating an item, under certain conditions crafting materials are locked into the workbench being used. 
  2. Fixed description info for 5 new types of structures (Crystal, Sea Crystal, Volcanic, Shining, and Darkwood)
  3. Fixed issue with level 120 creatures gathering rates being abnormal. 
  4. Fixed issue with Mechanical Arm Fabricator not return the correct amount of materials on demolish command.
PixARK Version 1.13 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/10/pixark-version-113-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/10/pixark-version-113-patch-notes/ Thu, 10 May 2018 18:22 CEST
All PixARK servers running version 1.13 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_13/


  • Structures may no longer be placed within 8 tiles of a Ruins block. Previously placed blocks will not be affected. 
  • Players will no longer be able to carry items when traveling to the Creature Museum through the portal. 
  • Changed behavior of auto turret defenses and plant defense on Fury servers during peace time. 
  • Ice Elementals and Mummys are not longer pushed back by magic effects. 
  • Increased voltage from generators from 400 to 600 allowing for 1 generator to power 6 turrets now. 
  • Increased damage of rocket launcher using enchanted ammo towards steel structures by 100%. 
  • Increased amount of gunpowder from crafting by 3 fold. 
  • Increase amount of Simple Bullet, Advanced Rifle Bullet, and Advanced Sniper Bullet from crafting by 2 fold. Amount of Simple Shotgun Ammo from crafting has been increased by 3 fold. 
  • Enchanted bullets require simple bullets and magic crstals to craft. Enchanted rockets require rockets and magical crystals to craft. Enchanted shotgun ammo require simple shotgun ammo and magic crystals to craft. 
  • Optimized oil slime box's production rate and inventory capacity. 
  • Currently: 1 Slime box will output 1 oil every 8 minutes, 2 boxes will output 1 oil every 4 minutes, 3 boxes will output 1 oil every 2 minutes, 4 boxes will output 1 oil every 1 minute. Maximum inventory space of slimes have been increased by 40 units. 
  • Optimized Goblin Trading Center's material costs. 
  • -Originally 40 bones for 1 iron ingot, adjusted to 64 fibers and 16 furs.
  • -Originally 40 bones for 1 sharp crystal, adjusted to 16 bones. 
  • -Originally 40 bones for 1 Quartz, adjusted to 12 bones. 
  • -Originally 40 bones for 1 sulfur, adjusted to 5 bones. 
  • Optimized Electrolytic Tank's material costs, inventory limit, and conversion time. 
  • -Originally 50 stones and 50 clay, adjusted to 40 clay converts to 1 bronze ingot. 
  • -Originally 50 stone and 50 clay, adjusted to 40 stone for 1 iron ingot.
  • -Originally 50 stones and 50 clay, adjusted to 40 magic dirt for 1 silver ingot.
  • -Originally 50 stones and 50 clay, adjusted to 40 flash rock for 1 gold ingot. Inventory capacity has been increased by 40 units. Converstion time has been decreased from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. 
  • Goblin Trade Center no longer offers 3 wood exchange for 1 bronze ingot. Adjusted to require 24 wood for 1 bronze ingot. 

  • Fixed natural death or console suicide death being able to see through terrain on respawn. 
  • Fixed players taking too much fall damage. 
  • Fixed issue with Creature Museum portal causing players to be stuck in the mesh after transfer. 
  • Fixed Tribe Management journal not being able to log tribe member kills by players not affilaited with any tribe
  • Fixed an issue with crafting Digital Controller
  • Fixed an issue with Elemental Magic Shield from beacon drops not being able to be used
  • Fixed an issue with Icicle Dragon not being able to be tamed with Magic Sleepy Arrow
  • Fixed an issue with water not being able to irrigate plants in the crop plots
  • Fixed Trapa's poison effect 
  • Fixed the localization for Electrolytic Tank's description
  • Fixed the localization for Alchemy Stove's description
  • Fixed the texture for Magic Block when held in hand
  • Fixed the models for Nepenthes's second stage and final stage
PixARK Version 1.11 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/9/pixark-version-111-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/9/pixark-version-111-patch-notes/ Fri, 27 Apr 2018 21:52 CEST
All PixARK servers running version 1.11 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_11/


Added Spanish Language
Added Portuguese Language

Increased effectiveness of every stat point by 25%. All previous stat gains will receive benefits of new effectiveness. 
Increased the drop rate of Shark Skin. 
Added to all structure types, sloped roof. 
Added ceiling light structure. 
Auto turrets will now target cannon rounds and intercept them. 
Improved AI of tamed flyers, they will try their hardest to follow their masters. 
Optimized landing a flyer in certain scenarios. Should be easier to touch ground now on a flyer. 
Optimized issue with players getting stuck when under attack by creatures. 

Fixed issue with bosses having a chance to not drop anything on kill. 
Fixed issue with certain parts of the map getting players stuck or making tames disappear. 
Fixed issue with certain plants disappearing from plots. 
Fixed issue with health point inconsistencies in the Executive type buildings. 
Fixed issue with display issues with power sources being on or off. 
Fixed issue with Fury and Chaos servers, where under particular conditions, players could avoid unable to build within 8 units of another tribe rule. 
Fixed issue with certain storage items being unable to be detected by the workbench. 
Fixed issue where the bookshelf could not be used. 
Fixed issue with BGM disappearing when hosting a non-dedicated server. 
Fixed issue where a pipe coming from a water tank could be connecte also to an oil tank. 
Fixed issue where after taming, creatures are maxed out on their weight stat. 
Fixed issue with irrigation perimiter. Should function properly now. 
Fixed issue with incorrect display on some firearms. 
Fixed issue with transfer all button also transferring all equipped armor. 
Fixed issue with same items not being able to be stacked if they came from storage containers versus inventory of tames. 
Fixed issue with pipes not properly displaying scanner data. 
Fixed issue with stairs in corners not being able to be picked back up after deploying. 
Fixed issue with building on rafts becoming desynced. 
Fixed issue fire stone powder requirements being different in a few places. They should all be the same now. 
Fixed issue with some resources being able to be used in melee combat. 
Fixed issue with revive function's cooldown period status not being properly reflected in the UI. 
Fixed issue in single player creative mode where silver ore and silver could not be properly crafted.]]>
PixARK Version 1.10 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/8/pixark-version-110-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/8/pixark-version-110-patch-notes/ Fri, 20 Apr 2018 12:52 CEST
All PixARK servers running version 1.10 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_10/


  • Official Servers are now Battle Eye Enabled
  • Large Crop Plot can now be passworded
  • Task/Mission interface in the M menu has been sized down a bit and should no longer cut off words in the task. 
  • No longer able to see creature info details during terrain collision. 
  • Added Russian language
  • Reduced damage to players from wild creatures by 25%


  • Fixed issue with crop seeds disappearing after leaving render range
  • Fixed issue with tribe creature limits after transforming into a werewolf
  • Fixed issue with disappearing weapons when using the gunsmith bench when over weight. 
  • Fixed issue with some procedural quests not able to be completed. 
  • Fixed issue with PixBlocks able to be force used in the Museum. 
  • Fixed issue with water blocks being used to murder on land. 
  • Fixed issue with the inability to place blocks directly under a bed. 
  • Fixed issue with the inability to craft certain furniture items in the Mage Academy type blocks. 
  • Fixed issue with Map having a chance to bug out resulting in players being stuck or creatures disappearing. 
  • Fixed issue with over head displays for certain structures such as weapon rack being unable to be dispayed in some cases. 
  • Fixed issue with electric rod doing damage to certain structures. 
  • Fixed issue with itemization from beacon drops. 
  • Fixed issue with Wild Quetzal's AI behavior. 
  • Fixed issue with aquatic creatures taking fall damage when player leaves render range. 
  • Fixed issue with AI movement for aquatic creatures. 
  • Fixed issue with creatures spawning in bases after server restarts. 
  • Fixed issue with model collision on the Alchemy Furnace
  • Fixed issue with positioning of Rex Saddle, Sauropod Saddle, Armadillo Saddle. 
  • Fixed issue with train cart's inability to be properly controlled. 
  • Fixed issue with Bone wand's damage being irregular. 
  • Fixed issue with certain structures in the ruins blocking creature damage
  • Fixed issue with rafts disappearing under particular conditions.
Explorer's Guide: Wizardry 101 https://pixark-servers.io/blog/7/explorer-s-guide-wizardry-101/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/7/explorer-s-guide-wizardry-101/ Sat, 14 Apr 2018 11:56 CEST
You’ve conquered the Swamps and Deserts of PixARK, and now you are ready to step into the Magic Forest. Here is what you need and what you need to know about learning magic. 

Step 1. Be Level 30

The Magic Skill Engrams begin to open up at level 30, allowing you to craft a Magic Workbench, Inscription Book, and Wood Wand. 

Step 2. Find a Magic Forest

The materials you need to become a powerful wizard can only be found in the Magical Forest. Be sure to bring at least stone tools, as attempting to gather the necessary materials with anything less may result in less than ideal results.

Step 3. Farm! Craft!

Gather all things magical. Chop down trees, pick up grass, and mine dirt. Everything gathered in the Magic Forest has magic properties you will need in order to craft magical tools and structures. First, you will want to craft a Magic Workbench. 

You can also craft a Wood Wand straight from your inventory, which will allow you to gather up Magic Stone resources. 

Step 4. Reach level 35

Once you reach level 35, you are ready to become an apprentice wizard. Use your Magic Workbench to craft an Alchemy Stove, which allows you to refine Magic Stones you gather into Magic Stone Essence. 

Craft an Apprentice Wand from the Magic Workbench and infuse it with Essence to cast offensive spells.

And that’s it! Class is dismissed; we hope to see you next semester in Wizardry 201: Rings Of Power and What Not To Do. Keep an eye out for more news and articles!]]>
PixARK Version 1.8 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/6/pixark-version-18-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/6/pixark-version-18-patch-notes/ Wed, 11 Apr 2018 21:43 CEST
All PixARK servers running version 1.8 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_8/


  • Added Non-Dedicated Servers
  • New server type, Chaos Servers. Launch time to be announced!
  • Added French localization. Needs community improvement!
  • Added difficulty ranking to creatures in the world, visible when you highlight a creature. 
  • Increased tame limit from 25 to 35. 
  • Optimized Boss drop tables. Will no longer drop lower quality items. 
  • Fixed Water Magic damage on metal tier and above structures. 
  • Fixed the ability to construct outside world boundies. 
  • Resolved single player save file issue during certain sequences when taming. 
  • Fixed enchanted rocket launcher's damage. 
  • Fixed magical bullet's damage to structures. 
  • Fixed Water magic's damage to certain structures pieces. 
  • Fixed creature's chance to strike through material and damage structures inside houses. 
  • Fixed player's ability to place items in a flow of water. 
  • Fixed ability for Bone Steel sword to damage bronze structures. 
  • Fixed irregular damage on pikes in melee. 
  • Fixed whistle sounds. 
  • Fixed various issues with saddles not properly displaying the correct model. 
  • Fixed magic shield's display issue, was not displaying proper information. 
  • Tuned Ice Boss encounter. 
  • Fixed some platform saddle display issues, was not displaying proper information. 
  • Fixed grapple hook's sound effect. 
  • Fixed sound effect of sleepy creatures. 
  • Fixed carbonemy animation when being attacked. 
  • Fixed darkwood table's receipe issue. 
  • Fixed issue with electric prod not losing durability. 
  • Fixed issue with Behemoth draw bridge sometimes not properly functioning. 
  • Fixed issue with Shining Wand not being able to collect blocks. 
  • Fixed issue with display data on scanning between owners of tames.
PixARK Version 1.7 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/5/pixark-version-17-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/5/pixark-version-17-patch-notes/ Fri, 06 Apr 2018 14:54 CEST
All PixARK servers running version 1.7 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_7/


  • Added German language setting. Needs community improvement. 
  • Made stronger scroll summoned Zombies, Skeletons and Plague effects. 
  • Adjusted Player vs Player melee effectiveness. 
  • Added respawn option in ESC menu. 
  • Can now see creature level via creature scanner. 
  • Spring Chitin Shoes reduce fall damage now. 
  • Smoke from the Smelter has been reduced in height it rises. 
  • Resolved issue with rocket launcher's damage value not being correct. 
  • Resolved issue with wild mushroom's damage value not being correct. 
  • Resolved issue with items not decaying properly in workstations. 
  • Resolved issue with item loss when dying on a mount. 
  • Resolved issue with industrial smelter placement. 
  • Resolved issue with Steam Achievements
  • Resolved issue with Soil Privilege Marker upper limits calculation.
  • Resolved issue with Spring Chitin Shoes unable to be created on the fabricator. 
  • Resolved issue with characters being stuck in terrain sometimes. 
  • Resolved issue with the Copper Kettle unable to be used water tap. 
  • Resolved shining wand effect issue.
Don't Explore Alone Community Event! https://pixark-servers.io/blog/4/don-t-explore-alone-community-event/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/4/don-t-explore-alone-community-event/ Fri, 06 Apr 2018 00:25 CEST
PixARK released into Early Access last week with a bang, and we’d like to thank everyone for the massive support that we’ve gotten since then. Now that all of our Explorers have been able to get out into the ARK, we feel it’s time for our very first PixARK Community Event! We’ll be having these events regularly, and each event will have different requirements for participation.

For this event, we’re looking for Explorers to show us the most daring adventure they’ve had, with their closest portable friend! Submit a screenshot or GIF of your Explorer in either a dangerous or scenic location with a shoulder tame that is either keeping your company or providing moral support. All submissions should be sent to: 


Please include your *full* server name, the region and the number if you’re on an official server, as well as a link to your Steam profile along with your submission.

Submissions Timeline
  • This community event will start today, Thursday, 4/5, and go until Friday, 4/13.
  • Three winners will be chosen by the PixARK Community Team, and one winner will be chosen by the community!
  • A community vote will be held on Steam Monday, 4/16.
  • All four winners will be announced on Tuesday, 4/17 on Steam.
  • Each winner will be provided an additional PixARK Steam Game Key!
We’re really excited to see all of the amazing locations, and daring situations that each Explorer has found themselves in recently. Any additional questions or concerns about the event can be sent to the same submissions email posted above! Good luck Explorers!

-PixARK Community Team]]>
PixARK Version 1.6 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/3/pixark-version-16-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/3/pixark-version-16-patch-notes/ Tue, 03 Apr 2018 13:38 CEST
All PixARK servers running version 1.6 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_6/


Increased maximum number mid sized creatures. 
Remove Sauropods from new player zones. 
Adjusted melee range of magical weapons. 
Decreased effectiveness of a saddle. 
Increased effectiveness of a melee weapon vs different types of structures. 
Decreased effectiveness of an arrow from a bow that is not at max draw for power. 
Optimized effectiveness of copper armor. 
Decreased effectiveness of a shield. 


Loot no longer drops from creatures fighting each other. 
Workbench works under all circumstances
Stone petroleum pipes should all work properly now. 
Can now place bed on raft
Treasure and relic chests now refresh properly. 
Fixed chitin bouncy boots, should behave properly. 
Fixed some instances where the tame Pteranodon quest could not be completed. 
Placed password on the PixBlock storage chest. 
The arrow tower can now properly create magical arrows. 
During respawn, balloons should deploy properly every time. 
Relic locations respawn should now properly reflect in the mini map. 
Plantlife should now properly respawn. 
Seeds should now drop properly in game.]]>
PixARK Version 1.5 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/2/pixark-version-15-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/2/pixark-version-15-patch-notes/ Sat, 31 Mar 2018 12:05 CEST
All PixARK servers running version 1.5 can be found here : https://pixark-servers.io/version/1_5/


- Made structures stronger against melee weapons. 
- Increased damage of Auto-Turret
- Made Vaults stronger against melee weapons.


- Abnormal Fire Elemental damage. 
- Abnormal tamed Fire Elemental behavior. 
- Adjusted weight of PixBlocked dinos. 
- Gargoyles, elementals and treants can now be transformed into PixBlocks. 
- Beelzebufo adds torpor on attack. 
- Creatures should no longer be stuck in their spawn point terrain. 
- Players should now learn about the industrial forge at the correct level. 
- Sleepy darts can now be created. 
- Magic Sleep Arrow has had its damage balanced. 
- Rafts should no longer disappear randomly.]]>
PixARK Version 1.4 - Patch Notes https://pixark-servers.io/blog/1/pixark-version-14-patch-notes/ https://pixark-servers.io/blog/1/pixark-version-14-patch-notes/ Thu, 29 Mar 2018 17:09 CEST
  • Flying tames can no longer pick up players on Fury servers during Peace.
  • Some creatures will now drop Soil Privilege Markers.

  • Lowered the level requirement for crafting the Soil Privilege Markers.
  • Players from the same tribe can no longer attack each other on Pioneering servers.

  • Increased the rate that plants respawn in Pioneering servers.

  • Adjusted the chat UI
  • Fixed some text issues in the character screen.
  • Fixed some text in the server session screen.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the stats for the Candle Cap, Miner Cap.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Felhunter, Fire Elemental, Magic Fungus, and
  • Ice Elemental to exhaust their stamina when using their skills.
  • Fixed some strucker rail icons not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue where dinos spawned out of a PixBlock are not counted towards the tribe tame limit.
  • Fixed an issue with some quests not having the correct completion requirement.
  • Fixed a bug with creatures dropping unintended items.